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the neurofeedback book

What neurofeedback machine does the Neurofeedback Book author use for her own clients? Dr. Clare Albright is the author of a new book called, "Neurofeedback: Transforming Your Life with Biofeedback" The book is ...

Neurofeedback Book Available Now! 'Neurofeedback: Transforming Your Life With Brain Biofeedback' is a new book by ...

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the neurofeedback solution how to treat autism adhd anxiety brain injury stroke ptsd and more

We offer Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Autism, Traumatic Brain Injury Schedule your Free Consultation in Irving or Dallas. Visit or call 817-500-4863 ...

ADD | Sleep Disorders | Anxiety - Neurofeedback Treatment If brainwave patterns are unhealthy, it can result in a number of health challenges: